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Presentation of Depression Project

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Instruction for Submission of Assignments: Assignments should be submitted directly on Blackboard.  In rare situations assignments can be sent directly by email to the instructor. Submission should follow these rules:

  1. Submit your presentation as a URL in Blackboard.

Task 1: Report on performance of the model in anticipating patients' depression. 

  1. Prepare slides that describe the project
    • Title page (include your name but do not include your contact)
    • Slide 1 should review history of use of medical history in predicting depression
    • Slide 2 should give an example of how medical history can indicate depression risk
    • Slide 3 should present the data, including number of patients, cleaning of the data, and number of records used in the analysis
    • Slide 4 should report how the index was scored, calculation of likelihood ratios and ontological adjustments
    • Slide 5 should report accuracy of the index
    • Slide 6 should discuss how one could improve accuracy of the index
  2. Narrate the slides and upload to the web
  3. Circulate the URL of your presentation to the class
  4. Visit the presentation of 2 other students and comment on the video what you liked about the presentation and how the presentation can be improved.  In making these comments you should directly compare what they did with what you did not do.
  5. Enter your presentation URL and the URLs where you left comments into the Blackboard


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