HAP 464: EHR Configuration & Data Analysis

George Mason University

Presentation of RAG


Dialogue management of several LLMs


Instruction for Submission of Assignments: Assignments should be submitted directly on Blackboard.  In rare situations assignments can be sent directly by email to the instructor. Submission should follow these rules:

  1. Submit your presentation as a URL in Blackboard to the entire class. 
  2. Submit your paper as a Word document

Task 1: Report on performance of race-specific and race-neutral queries to your RAG. 

  1. Prepare slides that describe the RAG
    • Title page (include your name but do not include your contact information)
    • Slide 1 should review the need for RAG to prescribe antidepressants.  Do not exceed 1 slide. Do not put full sentences on the slide. Use few words.
    • Slide 2 should present the local database's organization and content. Use few words.
    • Slides 3 should describe the web site where your RAG is available. Use few words.
    • Slide 4 should give an example of race specific query to RAG.
    • Slide 5 should give an example of race neutral query to RAG.
  2. Narrate the slides and upload to the web
  3. Circulate the URL of your presentation to the entire class


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