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Information Technology
Project Management


Careers in Management of Information Technology

This lecture reviews careers in Information technology, in general, and project management, in particular.


  • Discuss prospects of a career for a person trained in management of information technology
  • Learn about the training needed for management of electronic health records
  • List the career progression of a project manager

Assigned Reading

  1. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-09 Edition, Computer and Information Systems Managers.  More
  2. Please read the case study on telecommuting: Regina FM.  How do you manage an off-site team? Harvard Business Review, July-August 1998 v76 n4 p22(4).  To download this article you must have access to the University library's electronic databases. If you do not please contact your instructor.  Library


What you know?

Advanced learners like you, often need different ways of understanding a topic. Reading is just one way of understanding. Another way is through writing about what you have read.  The enclosed assessment is designed to get you to think more about the concepts taught in this session. 

  1. What is the expected salary of a manager of information systems?
  2. What is the progression of positions for an information technology project manger?
  3. What is the significance of 2014?

Please send an email to your instructor with your responses to the above questions.    Make sure that the email subject line includes the course number, topic name and your name, otherwise it will not get to the right place.  If you wish to receive a receipt that the instructor has received your email, you may request the receipt from your email program.  Please respond to all of the questions within the same email.  Do not attach any files.  Keep a copy of all your emails to the instructor till the end of the semester.  Email►


Rapid Analysis

Find a company that is hiring an information technology project manger and answer the following questions: 

  1. Compare your qualification with the qualifications of the project manager being hired. 

  2. Discuss the difference of salary range of what a project manager receives and what students with a Bachelor in Health Science with no background in project management receives. 

  3. Discuss the amount of travel involved in project management jobs.

  4. Discuss the company's willingness to pay for training. 

  5. If you were going to apply for this job, how would you network so that you can learn more details about this work. 

You can complete this task on the web or contact the human resource department of a hospital or a clinic in the area where you want to work.  You can also do this with consulting companies or companies that are producing electronic health records (some are listed below).

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