Lecture: Symptom Screening for Covid-19  


Assigned Reading

  • Comparison of symptom screening and home tests Read►
  • Non respiratory symptoms of COVID-19 Read►
  • Symptom clusters for COVID-19 Read►
  • Pairwise comparison of order of variables


For this assignment you can use any statistical software. 

Question 1:  Classify COVID-19 based on its symptoms. 

  1. Describe the order of occurrence of the symptoms
  2. Create a Causal Network for clusters of symptoms of COVID-19
    • Create the structure of the network:
      • Using LASSO, regress the PCR test results on all variables and cluster of variables that precede it
      • Using LASSO, regress each symptom on its preceding symptoms.
      • In these regressions, statistically significant variables are parents in the Markov blanket of the regression response variable.  Draw the network using Netica.
    • Estimate the parameters of the network
      • Using the LASSO regression, calculate the predicted value for all combinations of the parents in the Markov blanket of the regression's response variable.
  3. Describe which cluster of symptoms rule out COVID-19
  4. Describe which cluster of symptoms increase risk of COVID-19

The following resources may be helpful:

  • Labeled training corpus Data►
  • Python (not available at this time)
  • Code for pairwise comparison of symptoms


For additional information (not part of the required reading), please see the following links:

  1. No-lab diagnosis of COVID-19 Read►

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