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Question 1: What is your name, email, and phone number.

Question 2:  In the following data examine the impact of remission.  Adjust the hyper-parameter until weight gain is a predictor of remission.  Because there are very few variables in these data, there is no need to drop variables and the hyper-parameter is likely to be near 0. Do not drop regressions because of low percent of variation explained. Do not drop coefficients because of small effect sizes.  The variables occur in the following temporal order:  Age, Gender, Psychosis, Antidepressant, Weight Gain, and Remission.

  1. What are parents in the Markov Blanket of Antidepressant?
  2. Regress all variables on preceding variables.  Display a summary table of these regressions showing McFadden R-squared, intercept, and regression coefficients.
  3. Construct a network model using regressions. show each variable as a node. Draw arcs from preceding variable to next associated variable. Estimate probability of each node in the network.  Display the Table for predicting remission from joint distribution of significant predictors.  Display the probability of remission when we have no information about the variables.
  4. Create a counterfactual regression. Report the McFadden R squared, intercept, and coefficients for weight gain regressed on all preceding variables but not on antidepressant. 
  5. Construct a counterfactual model where the impact of antidepressants is not mediated by weight gain.  Display the network and the predicted probability of remission.
  6. What is the causal impact of antidepressant on remission?  This analysis reports the causal impact as observed.
  7. What is the causal impact of antidepressant on remission using the counterfactual model where the mediated impact of antidepressant through weight gain has been removed?
  8. What percent of impact of the antidepressant on remission is mediated through weight gain?

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