Propensity Scoring

Question 1: The following data provide the length of stay of patients seen by Dr. Smith (Variable Dr Smith=1) and his peer group (variable Dr. Smith = 0). Answer following questions:

Balance the data by propensity to seek care from Dr. Smith. This involve first predicting probability of a patient type utilizing services of Dr. Smith; then weighting the data inversely proportional to the probability of using Dr. Smith. Note that patients cared for by Dr. Smith and by his peer group will have a different set of weights. The net results of weights is that patients cared for by Dr. Smith and his peer will have the same rate of various diseases.

(a) Graphically show that the weighting procedure you followed results in same set of patients treated by either Dr. Smith or his peer.

(b) Report the unconfounded impact of Dr. Smith on length of stay.