Lecture: Stratified Regression 


Assigned Reading

  • Stratified Regression (use instructor's last name for password) Video► Read► Slides►


Question 1: Estimate mortality rate in 6 months for lung cancer patients with various common comorbidities.  Use SQL to construct 41 case/control comparisons for each comorbidity of lung cancer.  Then, use regression to estimate the parameters for multiplicative function form.  Report the mortality rate for patients who just have lung cancer and no other comorbidities.  Provide the equation that calculates the risk for combination of lung cancer and its comorbidities. Select 3 comorbidities and calculate the prognosis of a patient with a combination of 3 comorbidities and lung cancer.  Data►


For additional information (not part of the required reading), please see the following links:

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  2. Utility functions for health profiles PubMed►

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