Supplement 4: Interaction Terms Model

Source code for prediction of COVID-19 test results. This is supplemental material to publication

Wojtusiak J, Bagais W, Vang J, Guralnik E, Roess A, Alemi F, "The Role of Symptom Clusters in Triage of COVID-19 Patients," Quality Management in Health Care, 2022.

Source code by Wejdan Bagais and Jee Vang with contribution of other authors.

Run LASSO model for the 30 splits data

Identifying the best inverse of regularization strength value (C)

Build model based on the selected C and using all data to identify the list of predictors

create the single, pair, and triplets clusters

k-fold cross-validation, k=24

Coefficients from k-fold cross-validation that is consistent 95% of the time

Visualize coefficients

Tabular output of coefficients with odds