Life Style Management and Personal Improvement


Did it work for you?


If you have recently completed a personal improvement project, we would like to hear from you.  We estimate completing this survey takes less than 4 minutes.   We use these data to learn what works.  Data are reported in aggregate as averages across multiple respondents.  You can review sample reports generated from the data entered by others. 

1.  The information you provide is confidential and we do not ask you to reveal your identity.  But in order to group your data with others having the same educational experience, your instructor provided you with a code.  If you are a student conducting the personal improvement as part of a class, your code is the course number.  If you want us to ignore your entry, please enter TEST for your code. 

Please enter the code here.  If you do not have a code, please email your instructor:

2. How many years of education have you had?

3.  What was your self improvement project:?

4.  Was your self improvement project work-related (select the answer most appropriate)?

5. Please rate how important making this change was to you?


6.  In the past year, how many times had you attempted to do the same self improvement without sustained measurable success?

7.  Which of the following tools did you use in your report of personal improvement?

Flow chart
Cause and effect diagram (Fish diagram)
List of causes
List of solutions

Control chart
Scatter diagram
Pareto chart
Other tools, please specify: 

8.  Did someone help you in thinking through and bringing about the change (select answer most descriptive of the person who helped)?


9.  Did the change you introduce primarily rely on your motivation and effort or on an environment, where in you had little choice but to stay with planned changes? 


10.  Approximately how many times did you measure your self improvement? 

11.  Did you prepare a storyboard?


12.  Did you make an improvement?


13.  Do you plan to keep working on your improvement?


14.  Was this method of personal improvement helpful to you?


15.  Was this project helpful in making you understand continuous quality improvement?


16.  Please describe one aspect of the approach to personal improvement that you liked:

17.  Please indicate one aspect of the approach that can be improved:

Please submit your responses.  If you receive an error message, use the back button to return to this page.  Copy or print the page and fax to 703 993 1953 or mail to 1319 Ozkan Street, McLean VA 22101.