Healthcare Databases


  1. Definition of database and its parts Video► Slides► You Tube►
  2. Types of databases Read► Video► Slides►
  3. Why databases matter? Video► Slides►
  4. The concept behind related data You Tube►
  5. Related undergraduate courses Video► Slides►
  6. Related graduate courses Slides► Video►
  7. Software installation Lab► Video►
  8. Competencies needed for management of health information systems  Slides► Listen MP4 You Tube► Read►

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  1. Post-relational databases PubMed►
  2. Use of relational databases in health care PubMed►
  3. Integrating Query of Relational and Textual Data in Clinical Databases PubMed►/a>
  4. Informatics services for healthcare improvement  PubMed►
  5. Email instructor with your translation of this lecture Arabic►

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