Healthcare Databases

Lab1: Software Installation

  1. Download Microsoft SQL Server.   
    • MAC users should first download and install virtualization software (VirtualBox, VMWare Player/Fusion, Parallels). Get a copy of an operating system from MSDN (i.e. Windows 10), or Linux (i.e., Ubuntu, or CentOS). Configure a virtual machine and install the guest operating system. Note: In this course we will be mostly using VirtualBox, but you can use any virtualization solution. 
  2. Install MS SQL. 
    • DreamSpark (with Microsoft software) library is available free of charge for GMU students. Click on start shopping.  Select SQL Server 2014 Express With Advanced Services With Service Pack 1 32/64-bit (English). Download►  
    • Use your GMU email to register (without Masonlive, i.e. Do not use your GMU password. Only Microsoft software is available on this site. Software is FREE. Contact instructor if your password does not work.

Teach One

In this course we learn using the paradigm of learn one, , do one, teach one.  As part of learning this content, one or more of your peers have completed this assignment ahead of time. They will contact you and introduce themselves. You can get answers to your questions from them.  They are there to help. They also have the option to post videos to this site to help resolve the problems you are facing.  if students do not wish to publicly post their video, they can post the video within Blackboard. Here are some videos posted openly to the web:

Enuma Ezenwa Iyob

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