Healthcare Databases & Information Systems Course


Tables & Records

  1. Introduction to Tables and Records Read► Video►
  2. Creating forms in Access Video►Slides►
  3. Creating tables in Microsoft Server SQL►

Team Assignment

A.  Create an EMR.  Video►
To create the EMR follow these steps:

  1. In the database EMR, Create the tables and relationships described in this lecture.
  2. Revise the database EMR to EMR1 so that diagnosis is no longer a free text field but a field where the values of it are looked up from a table called "Diagnosis."  Enter three rows of data in the table Diagnosis with attributes Diagnosis code, Diagnosis text.
  3. Revise the database EMR2 into EMR3 so that a patient could have multiple addresses.  To do so, drop the address fields from Patient table.  Add an AddressID to the patient table.  Create a table called address, where the attributes are Date, ID (set to primary key), Street name, Street number and zip code.  Make sure the primary key in the table is set as the combination of patient ID and date.  Enter following three rows of data in table Address. 
PatientID Date StreetName StreetNumber Zipcode
1 15-Aug-04 Main St 1312 22102
1 12-Jan-05 Ozkan St 1309 22101
2 12-Jan-04 State St 1402 22103
  1. Revise the database EMR3 so that zip codes are used to identify the city and state.  Create a table called zip codes with attributes zip code (set to be primary key), City, and State.  Enter three rows of data. 
Zip code
Zipcode City State
22101 McLean Virginia
22102 Fairfax Virginia
22103 McLean District of Columbia

Individual Assignment

  1. Create a table for names of all students in this class.  
  2. Create a table for cell phone and home phone of at least 4 students in this class.  You can look up these numbers in the discussion portion of the class.


  1. Richard Holowczak (City University of New York) Microsoft Access Tutorial  Read►

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