Exhibit Hall

This section list companies providing health information systems.  The listing of these companies does not constitute endorsement by us of their product or by them of this course.  If you wish to open these pages in larger windows, please right click on them and open in new window.


3M Health Care Healtheon Corp.
Acouson Corp. Health Mart**
Advanced Health Technologies HealthMatics
Anderson Consulting Health Vision Corp.
Aviant Information HIE Inc.
Axolotti Corp ImageMatrix Corp
Billian Healthdata Corp. Impac
CIE America Inc. Infocure
CineMed Inc. Information Network Corp.
Citation Computer Systems Inc. InfoSys
CliniComp Intl. Ingenix
Compaq Computer Corp. IMN
Compucare InterSystems Corp.
CyberPlus Corp. InterVoice Inc.
Daou Systems Inc. ISG Technologies
Datalux Corp. KEANE
DeRoyal Kinetra LLC
Dictaphone Kronos
ECG Management Consultants Lawson Software
Eclipsys EMCEE
Elumen Solutions Marquette
Experior Medical Manager
Facts Medicalogic
First Data Bank Mediware
Fitzgerald Associates Nichols Txen
Fujitsu-ICL Systems Inc Nine Rivers Technologies
GeoAccess Medicat
HBOC Object Products
Health Care Software Inc. Per Se Technologies
Health Care Report Cards* Pysmark Inc.
Health Management Systems Inc. Proxim
Health System Design Corp. Psyche
Healthcare Automation Pyxis
  QuadraMed Codemaster
  Vidimedix Corp.