George Mason University

Farrokh Alemi, Ph.D.


Contact Information

Department of Health Administration & Policy
College of Health and Human Services
George Mason University
703 893 3799


2015 - Present
Also 1999 - 2008

Tenured Professor of Health Administration,

George Mason University's College of Health and Human Services

2010 - 2015

Chief of Performance Improvement, DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center 
Chief of Research, Bay Pine Veterans Affairs Medical Center

2008 - 2010

Professor of Health Systems Administration,

Georgetown University, College of Nursing and Health Studies


Tenured Associate Professor, Graduate Study in Health Care Administration,

Cleveland State University


Director, InterPractice Inc., a start-up company organized by Harvard Community Health Plan


Director, Division of Health Services Research,

Center for Research in Medical Education and Health Care, Thomas Jefferson Medical College


Assistant Professor of Management Science,

Department of Health Systems Management, Tulane University



Faculty Fellow in Health Care Finance, Center for Hospital Finance, Johns Hopkins University

1978 - 1983

Ph.D. in Decision Analysis, Industrial Engineering Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison

1976 - 1978

M.S. in System Analysis, Industrial Engineering Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison

1972 - 1976

B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Open Online Courses

These courses are available on the web, without password, and include all lectures, videos, assignments, and other components of the course, except student related evaluations and grades.


HAP 290 Lifestyle Management

HAP 436 Quality Improvement with HER

HAP 464: EHR Configuration and Data Analysis

HAP 671 Healthcare databases

HAP 725 Statistical Process Improvement

HAP 730: Decision Analysis in Healthcare

HAP 823: Causal Analysis and Comparative Effectiveness


Recent Courses Taught & Evaluations


Course Title


Summer 2019

HAP 725 Statistical Process Improvement


Fall 2019

Hap 725 Statistical Process Improvement


Fall 2019

HAP 823 Causal Analysis and Comparative Effectiveness


Spring 2019

HAP 823 Causal Analysis and Comparative Effectiveness


Spring 2019

HAP 464 EHR Configuration and Data Analysis


Summer 2020

HAP 725 Statistical Process Improvement


Fall 2020

Hap 725 Statistical Process Improvement


Fall 2020

Revision of online version of HAP 823 Causal Analysis and Comparative Effectiveness


Spring 2021

HAP 464 EHR Configuration and Data Analysis


Spring 2021

HAP 823 Causal Analysis and Comparative Effectiveness


Fall 2021

Hap 725 Statistical Process Improvement


Graduate Thesis/Dissertation

Following list is limited to thesis for AY 19-20 and AY20-21

Student Name



Your Role

Tim Coffin


Yes, 2020

Dissertation Committee Chair

Annie Lesway


Yes, 2019

Dissertation Committee Chair

Elina Guarlnik



Dissertation Committee Advisor


Innovations in Teaching & Program Development


New course or
program activity


How incorporated
in course?

Designed experiential online courses with high levels of interaction (HAP 464 and HAP 725).

Used new teaching paradigms to increase interactions in online teaching to compensate for COVID-19 social isolation (paper based on the technique in review).

Students were taught in groups of 3 and required to do assignments in front of each other.  Survey shows that students were actively talking in 80% of class time.

Proposed a new concentration on quantitative health policy, within Master of Science  in Health Informatics

Causal analysis of health policy, including multi-level modeling and propensity scoring

Used doctoral courses to create a bridge between health policy and MS in health informatics

Proposed a new concentration in quality within MHA program

Met with MHA faculty and director to organize courses that would correspond to quality requirements.  The concentration was approved by the faculty of the Department.

Used modified existing courses to organize the concentration


Book Chapters

1.      Alemi F, Gibson B, Zema C. Real time application of electronic health record data. In: Eposito D, Migliaccio-Walle K, Molsen E, editors. Reliability and validity of data sources for outcome research & disease and health management programs 1 ed. Lawrenceville NJ 08648 USA: International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research; 2013. Chapter 10; p.115-121. 467p.

2.      Zema C, Simon S, Ho S, Kim E, Ahluwalia J, Einhorn AB, Alemi F, Gibson B. Strengths and weakness of using electronic health records for health and disease management. In: Esposito D, Migliaccio-Walle K, Molsen E, editors. Reliability and validity of data sources for outcomes research and disease and health management programs 1 ed. Lawrenceville NJ 08648: International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research; 2013. Chapter 8; p.98-106. 467p

3.      Alemi F, Mosavel M. Delivering care over telephone lines: Telephone Bulletin Boards reduce clinic utilization. In: Segre G, editor. Wellness and Prevention Sourcebook New York, NY 10001 USA: Faulkner & Gray's; 1998. Chapter 8; p.306-314. 498p





Systems to Support Health Policy Analysis: Theory, Models, and Uses.  DH Gustafson, WL Cats-Baril, F Alemi -  Ann Arbor, Mich.: Health Administration Press, 1992.  ISBN-13: 978-0910701730, ISBN-10: 0910701733This book describes design of an information system for health policy makers.



A Thinking Person's Weight loss and Exercise Program.  Alemi F, Neuhauser D. (Editors), Trafford Publishing, 2006. ISBN-10:‎ 1412035627, ISBN-13:‎ 978-1412035620. This book describes how process improvement can be used in context of personal improvement efforts. 


Decision analysis for healthcare managers.  Alemi F, Gustafson D. Health Administration Press, 2006. ISBN-13: 978-1567932560, ISBN-10: 1567932568. This is a textbook written for graduate students in health care administration and health professionals planning to use analytical tools for analysis of managerial decisions in health care settings.


Big Data in Healthcare: Statistical Analysis of the Electronic Health Record.  Alemi F.  Health Administration Press, 2020. ISBN-13: 978-1640550636, ISBN-10: 1640550631 This is a textbook for health informatics, statistical process control, and analysis of massive data. 


Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

Most recent publications listed first.

4.      Pierobon M, Robert NJ, Northfelt DW, Jahanzeb M, Wong S, Hodge KA, Baldelli E, Aldrich J, Craig DW, Liotta LA, Avramovic S, Wojtusiak J, Alemi F, Wulfkuhle JD, Bellos A, Gallagher RI, Arguello D, Conrad A, Kemkes A, Loesch DM, Vocila L, Dunetz B, Carpten JD, Petricoin EF, Anthony SP. Multi-omic molecular profiling guide's efficacious treatment selection in refractory metastatic breast cancer: a prospective phase II clinical trial. Mol Oncol. 2021 Aug 26;. doi: 10.1002/1878-0261.13091. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 34437759.

5.      Alemi F, Aljuaid M, Durbha N, Yousefi M, Min H, Sylvia LG, Nierenberg AA. A surrogate measure for patient reported symptom remission in administrative data. BMC Psychiatry. 2021 Mar 4;21(1):121. doi: 10.1186/s12888-021-03133-1. PubMed PMID: 33663440; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC7931356.

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8.      Alemi F, Avramovic S, Renshaw KD, Kanchi R, Schwartz M. Relative accuracy of social and medical determinants of suicide in electronic health records. Health Serv Res. 2020 Oct;55 Suppl 2:833-840. doi: 10.1111/1475-6773.13540. Epub 2020 Sep 2. PubMed PMID: 32880954; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC7518826.

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Active Funded Projects (Since 2020)

Funding Agency: 1 CPIMP211247-01-00 United States Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health

Title: Health literacy and Vaccine Hesitancy, Anthony Mingo (PI), Alicia Hong (GMU PI)

Dates: 09/01/2021-09/01/2023

Description: Examines social determinants of illness and racial/ethnic variation in vaccination rates.  Evaluates impact of training in health literacy on vaccination rates among Black and Latinx populations in Fairfax county.

Role: Co-Investigator, 15% Academic Year


Funding Agency: 12125D, Gates Foundation

Title: Suicide in Long COVID-19, Yunyu Xiao (PI) 

Dates: 06/01/2021 – 06/01/2022

Description: Examines role of COVID-19 in causing suicides in massive claims data.  The project uses LASSO regressions to construct time-constrained Causal Networks, showing the impact of COVID-19 and other medical history on suicide and intentional self-harm.

Role: Co-Investigator, 15% Academic Year


Funding Agency: 1U01DP006299-01, Center for Disease Control & Prevention

Title: Impact of Community Factors on Geographic Disparities in Diabetes and Obesity Nationwide, Lorna Thorpe (PI)

Dates: 09/30/17-09/29/22

Description: Examines the relationship between access to food stores and diabetes controlling for medical causes of diabetes. This project uses multi-level analysis.

Role: Co-Investigator, 5% Academic year


Funding Agency: 75N91020C00038, National Cancer Institute

Title: Symptom Screening for COVID-19 and Flu (Phase 1), Praduman Jain (PI)

Dates: 09/01/20-12/30/20

Description: Create a method of differentiating COVID-19 from flu based on the self-reported symptoms. Use enterprise WIFI system to complete contact tracing. This project was funded as a contract to Vibrent Inc.

Role: Co-Investigator, 30% Calendar year


Funding Agency: 75N91020C00038, National Cancer Institute

Title: Symptom Screening & In-Home Testing for COVID-19 (Phase 2), Praduman Jain (PI)

Dates: 02/01/21-12/30/21

Description: Create a method of differentiating COVID-19 from flu based on the self-reported symptoms. Use enterprise WIFI system to complete contact tracing. This project was funded as a contract to Vibrent Inc.

Role: Co-Investigator, 30% Calendar year


Funding Agency: 247-02-20, Virginia Commonwealth Research Board

Title: Use of Artificial Intelligence to Create a Decision Aid for Antidepressants, Alemi, Farrokh (PI)

Dates: 11/01/20-10/30/21

Description: Provide online advice, to Virginia residents (age 13 to 80), about optimal antidepressant treatment.

Role: PI, 15% Academic Year


Completed Funded Projects

Funding Agency: VA Appropriation 3620160, from VA Office of Geriatrics and Extended Care

Title: Evaluation of Impact of Medical Foster Home Program, Levy, Cari (PI)

Dates: 10/01/13-09/30/17

Description: Examined the cost and efficacy of sharing community homes as a replacement for nursing home care. Uses co-variate balancing to compare Medical Foster and Nursing Homes on residents who have the same comorbidities.

Role: Co-Investigator


Funding Agency: R01 HL084767, National Institute of Heart Lung and Blood

Title: System Change for Exercise Maintenance in Older Cardiac Patients, Moore, Shirley (PI)

Dates: 09/01/06-09/01/10

Description: Examined if personal system change (e.g. change in daily living routines) could lead to maintaining exercise goals

Role: Co-Investigator


Funding Agency: 5R01 AA017192-02, National Institute of Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism

Title: Computer- Based Alcohol Use Disorder Recovery System, David Gustafson (PI)

Dates: 09/01/09-08/31/10

Description: Developed a telephone system to educate and provide social support for individuals with alcohol abuse disorders.

Role: Co-Investigator


Funding Agency: Internal NY University Funds, New York University

Title: Analysis of Transition to Diabetes, Alemi, Farrokh (PI)

Dates: 09/01/15-06/01/16

Description: Uses Propensity matching and co-variate balancing to examine the transition to diabetes and the impact of antibiotics on the transition to diabetes.

Role: PI


Funding Agency: 204431, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Title: Comparative Effectiveness of Antidepressants, Alemi, Farrokh (PI)

Dates: 09/15/19-09/15/20

Description: The aim of this project is to analyze the comparative effectiveness of antidepressants using data on 113 million lives (approximately 20 million depressed patients) available through OptumLabs

Role: PI


Funding Agency: GMU 222764, New York University

Title: Pre-diabetes and Diabetes among Veterans, Schwartz, Mark (PI)

Dates: 08/15/15-09/30/18

Description: Uses big data to examine independent contribution of antibiotics, obesity, PTSD, and other risk factors to emergence of diabetes among veterans

Role: Co-Investigator


Recent Proposals in Review or in Revision


Funding Agency: Patient Centered Outcome Research Institute

Title: Preventing Suicide among Transgender Teens, Alemi, Farrokh (PI)

Dates: 11/01/21-10/30/26

Description: Examines comparative effectiveness of suicide prevention activities (including medical treatments and online services) on reducing suicide attempts among transgender teens.

Role: PI, 15% Academic Year
Status: In review


Funding Agency: National Institute of Health

Title: Monitoring Suicidal Teenagers Online (R34), Alemi Farrokh (PI)

Dates: 9/1/2022 – 9/1/2024
Description:  Examines if it is possible to rate of risk of suicide from social posts on the web., 20% Academic Year
Role: PI, 20% Academic Year
Status: Not funded, in revision

Funding Agency: National Institute of Infectious Diseases

Title: Differential Diagnosis of COVID-19 and Flu, Alemi Farrokh (PI)

Dates: 9/1/2021 – 9/1/2022
Description:  Describes how COVID-19 patients can be diagnosed in the community based on their early symptoms and before triage to a clinic or testing.
Role: PI, 20% Academic Year
Status: Not funded, incorporated into NCI contract

Funding Agency: National Institute of Infectious Diseases

Title: Combining In-Home Testing and Symptom Screening for Detection of COVID-19, Alemi Farrokh (PI)

Dates: 9/1/2022 – 9/1/2023
Description:  Describes how COVID-19 patients can be diagnosed based on combination of in-home testing and symptom screening.
Role: PI, 20% Academic Year
Status: Not funded, in revision

Funding Agency: Department of Health and Human Services, R15

Title: Detecting Suicide through Medical History, Alemi Farrokh (PI)

Dates: 9/1/2019 – 9/1/2022
Description:  Uses medical history within electronic health records to identify patients at risk of suicide. 
Role: PI, 20% Academic Year
Status: Not funded, in revision


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