Book on Statistical Analysis of Electronic Health Records


by Farrokh Alemi, PhD


Chapter 1: Introduction►

Chapter 2: Preparing Data►

Chapter 3: Probability and Distributions►

Chapter 4: Bivariate Analysis►

Chapter 5: Risk Assessment►

Chapter 6: Comparison of Means►

Chapter 7: Comparison of Rates►

Chapter 8: Analysis of Time to Adverse Events►

Chapter 9: Tukey Chart►

Chapter 10: Causal Control Charts►

Chapter 11: Multivariate Regression►

Chapter 12: Logistic Regression►

Chapter 13: Propensity Scoring►

Chapter 14: Poisson Regression►

Chapter 15: Matched Case Control►

Chapter 16: Stratified Covariate Balancing►

Chapter 17: Application of Covariate Balancing to Benchmarking

Chapter 18: Stratified Regression►

Chapter 19: Association Networks

Chapter 19: Network Modeling►