Statistical Process Improvement
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Step by Step Guide to Reading the Data into Misrosoft SQL


Run your computer as an administrator.  Turn off your computer and turn it back on as an administrator. 

Unzip the file. Unzip every DxAge_1 to DxAge_4 files. You must unzip the .csv files as well. The best place to unzip the files is My documents or Desktop.

Go to All Programs, right click on MS SQL Studio Manager (SSMS):

Log in to the server, use default settings.

 Click on the Database, and New Database

Enter new database name (for example HAP 752):

Go to the new database (HAP752), right click ->Tasks -> Import Data

Use Wizard to import .csv files (one by one). 

Click next. 

Choose a Data Source:

 Choose Flat File Source:



Click Browse and find your unzipped file:


When you find the file (you have to do it one by one), click NEXT

And Next again. 

On the page "Choose a Destination" choose "Sql Server Native Client":

Click NEXT.


"Select Source Tables and Views" -> Click Next:


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