Statistical Process Improvement
Georgetown University

Teach One Assignment


We rely on a method typically used in training of medical residents: "Learn one, do one, teach one."  Each student is expected to not only learn the concepts in the course, and do the assignments, but also teach a portion of the course. This active participation in teaching helps students learn the concepts in the course in more depth.  The best way to learn a topic is to teach it.  Students are expected to teach by preparing a brief video. Students select which topic they wish to teach.  They can teach about any aspect within the topic.  Typically students teach how to do the assignment in the week's topic. 

Video Preparation

In several assignments you are asked to prepare videos.  Following tools are needed for preparing an online project presentation:

  1.  A microphone is necessary to narrate your slides.  Please do not rely on built in microphones for portable computers.
  2. You can capture screen shots and insert it into your slide presentation using Command and Print Screen keys.  MAC Users►
  3. Narrate your slides or use other video making software.  Narrate►  Free Camstudio►  Camtasia►  SWF► IMovie►
  4. Convert the narrated slides to a video format that can be uploaded to the web. 
  5. Upload your narrated slides  Author Stream► You-Tube►
  6. Share your narrated slides publicly so all students in the class can view it. 
  7. Put within the description the following statement:  "This presentation was prepared as part of the HAP 725 course on Statistical Process Control taught by Farrokh Alemi, Ph.D. at George Mason University  Department of Health Administration and Policy."  Add a sentence about you to the description.  Keep in mind that the work you are uploading will remain on the web for years to come and will help shape your career.
  8. If you wish to be exempted from sharing your work publicly, make a request to the instructor with your justification and alternative plans.
  9. Email your URL to the students in the course or post your URL in Blackboard discussion so others can find it. 

Effective Videos

Modern health systems administrators must present their ideas effectively.  Effective presentation includes:

  1. Use appropriate content. Managers are often called upon to give voice to customers concerns. This is best done through use of multi-media. 
  2. Have a consistent style (the same font, capitalization policy, color, and size through out the video).
  3. Make one, and only one, point per slide. 
  4. Make sure all texts on slides are readable, even after compression to fit the video requirements.  A U-tube video reduces Power Point slides to 1/4 of their original size.  Phone views have additional reductions.
  5. Make sure the narration is clear and continuous.  Occasional hiccups are ok, keep them they add color. 
  6. Set compression levels high enough to be understood in a noisy room. 
  7. Be brief.  Do not exceed 10 minutes. If you need more time, make multiple videos. 
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