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Statistics for Health Services Management




  • Chapter 2 of OpenIntro Statistics Read►
    Chapter 2 starting on page 107.  Do problems 2.9. 2.10, 2.11, 2.12►, 2.14►, 2.18►, 2.20►, 2.22►, 2.24►, 2.37, 2.43, 2.46►
  • Surviving another day with no falls:
    For cases and controls, separately calculate the conditional probability of falling given that you have not fallen in the previous days.  Blanks indicate patients who have not fallen in the 9 days examined.

    ID for Cases Days to fall ID for Controls Days to Fall
    1 5 4
    2 5 4
    3 9 6 5

    You can do this by counting number at risk, number with 1st fall, and number with no falls for each of the 9 time periods.  Note that the number at risk for current time period is the number at risk in previous time period minus number who had their first fall in previous time period.  More►
  • For additional optional problems do 2.7, 2.21, 2.23, 2.45
    If the probability of dying in the next 6 months is 10%, how long can you expect to live?  More►
    If the daily probability of dying is 1%, how long can you expect to live?
  • For assistance with these problems, contact Mark Anthony, Nate Stocks, and Shari L Carlos. 
  • Solutions to odd number problems More►
  • Submit an Excel file. Each assignment must be a separate sheet appropriately labeled within one file.  Do not send multiple files.  All cells except the data cells must be computed cells. Send assignment to Blackboard and early preparation to instructor's direct email.   Email► Blackboard►