Lecture: Cost Effectiveness  


Assigned Reading

  • Applications to Cost effectiveness
    • Is it cost effective to exercise during visits? Read►
    • Is it cost effective to take care of nursing home patients in a community home? Read► 


For this assignment you can use any statistical softwareTeams of 2 students can work together. 

  • Using the enclosed data, evaluate the cost effectiveness of scheduling exercise during visits to clinicians.  Make sure that you use propensity scoring to match patients on their diagnoses.  Data► 
  • Using the enclosed data and stratified covariate balancing, evaluate the cost effectiveness of the Medical Foster Home (MFH) program compared to Contract Nursing Home (CNH) .  The data includes multiple comorbidities for each patient.  Control for these variables as well as demographics Data►Arpitha & Brinda's response►
    1. What sequence can you establish among the variables in the analysis?
    2. Calculate the expected total cost savings associated with MFH program as compared to CNH, while holding demographics, year of enrollment, follow-up period, and comorbidities constant. 
    3. Indicate which patient subgroup is most likely to benefit from MFH and which group from CNH.
    4. If you have to make partial matches, which variables will you drop from covariate balancing and why?


For additional information (not part of the required reading), please see the following links:

  1.  Examples of cost effectiveness studies using propensity scoring Read►

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