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Search Engine Marketing


  • To understand how to position a web page so that it is ranked higher in web based searches
  • To gain experience in positioning a web page



What Do You Know?

Advanced learners like you, often need different ways of understanding a topic. Reading is just one way of understanding. Another way is through writing. When you write you not only recall what you have written but also may need to make inferences about what you have read. The following questions are designed to get you to think more about the concepts taught in this session.

1. In your view, what are the ideal words that can be used to advertise your project web page (or this course) on the search engine.  Defend your choice by showing that the words fit the site.

2. Price your plan advertisements by using Google rates.

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Always remember that one indication of your participation in the class is your active formulation of questions about the lecture topic.  Your questions help your instructor gauge your understanding of the topic.  In addition, they help you get more information.  The answers to your questions are posted on the web, in the lecture in which you asked the question, under the section titled:  Recently Asked Questions.

Learn One & Teach One

Please choose one of the following sets of chapters and prepare to discuss them in class.  One of the best ways to master a topic is to teach it.  By presenting one of these sets of chapters, you get to have in-depth understanding of the topic.  Please prepare a narrated slide show.  Bring the slides show to the class.  Your presentation will be judged successful to the extent that you can solicit your colleagues comments and input.  Prepare to present any one of the following sets of chapters: 

  1. Getting into Google & Building your page rank
  2. Optimizing a site & Putting Google search on your site
  3. Introducing Search advertising and Google Adwords & Designing your Adwords campaign
  4. Introducing the Google AdSense campaign & Starting an AdSense account


See examples of advertisements on search engine at Cooper CP, Williams KN, Carey KA, Fowler CS, Frank M, Gelb CA. Advertising campaign on a major internet search engine to promote colorectal cancer screening. BMJ. 2004 May 15;328(7449):1179-80.

This page was created by Farrokh Alemi, Ph.D.  Last revised on 10/22/2011.  This page is part of the course on Electronic Commerce and Online Market for Health Services.  This is the session on search engine marketing.