Statistical Process Improvement
Georgetown University


Review Excel


In this course, you are asked to create charts and calculate averages and standard deviations.  If you do not know how to do so, please use the following three tutorials to learn more.  To see the slides, you need Microsoft Power Point.  To listen to narrated slides you need Flash.  Download

  1. Introduction to worksheets, cells, formulas  Slides Listen
  2. Excel basic functions, sum, average, count  Slides Listen►
  3. How to plot a control chart   Slides  Listen
  4. How to use an IF function Listen You Tube SWF

If you wish to use Excel to conduct statistical analysis of data, you have to add in data analysis feature of Excel. Video► SWF►

A number of other self-paced instruction on Excel are available online  More► Video►  List► 

  This page is part of the course on Statistical Process Improvement, the section on "Review Excel."  It was first organized in September 2000.  It was last edited on 02/05/2017 by Farrokh Alemi, Ph.D.