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Scoring of Deyo's Version of Charlson Index

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Instruction for Submission of Assignments: Assignments should be submitted directly on Blackboard.  In rare situations assignments can be sent directly by email to the instructor. Submission should follow these rules:

  1. Submit your answers in a Jupyter Notebook Download► YouTube► Slides►
  2. Submit you answers in Blackboard.

Task 1: For the patient in the data file, calculate the score for the Deyo's version of Charlson index.  Table below shows the score assigned for categories in the Deyo's version of Charlson index under the column "Weight".  The index score is the sum of the weights across all categories.  To make the assignment easier, we have already converted the table of codes to two columns of codes, where each diagnosis is listed in a separate row.  Patient Data►  Deyo's ICD-9 Codes► 

Task 2: Report the ID of 10 individuals with highest Deyo's Charlson scores.  Calculate the Deyo's Charlson index for all the cases in the attached database. Report the average of the Charlson index across all cases.  Massive Data►   Deyo's ICD-9 Codes► 

Kelvin Appiah's Teach One  YouTube► Slides►

Deyo Scoring for Charlson Index


Here are the correct answers for Task 2:

Coorect Scores


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