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Accuracy of Deyo's Charlson Index

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Assigned Reading

  • Sensitivity, specificity, and area under the curve PubMed►


Learning Material

  1. Predicting outcomes Slides► Basic Ideas for Predicting► Walk through SQL►
  2. Product of values of data in one column Slides► Video►
  3. Accuracy of Predictive Models (use instructor's last name as password) Read►
  4. Constructing Receiver Operating Curves Slides► Video►
  5. Calculate Area under the Receiver Operating Curve Slides with Code►


Instruction for Submission of Assignments: Assignments should be submitted directly on Blackboard.  In rare situations assignments can be sent directly by email to the instructor. Submission should follow these rules:

  1. Submit your answers in a Jupyter Notebook Download► YouTube► Slides►
    • Nolan's guide on how to insert a plot in Jupyter YouTube►
  2. Submit you Jupyter file in Blackboard.

Task 1: Test the accuracy of Charlson index in predicting mortality of patients. Use the attached data to score the Deyo et. al variant of Charlson index.  Then calculate the sensitvity and specificity of the index in predicting mortality.  Finally, calculate the area under the receiver operating curve for Deyo et. al index.



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