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Creating Trust 


  1. Understand patients' rights and expectations
  2. Design a web page to gain consumer trust
  3. Organize online relationships so that you can gain patient's trust



The following additional resources are available to help you think through this lecture:

  1. Listen to presentation on creating trust.  If you are using Foxfire browser use the SWF file.
  2. See slides with no narration

Listening to presentation requires access to Flash software.

What do you know?

Apply the 20 item questionnaire provided in the lecture to a health care site and evaluate its trustworthiness. 

Recent Ratings of Site's Trustworthiness

The following indicates responses to the What Do You Know assignment:

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Learn One & Teach One

Please read one of the following articles and prepare to discuss them in class.  One of the best ways to master a topic is to teach it.  By presenting one of these articles, you get to have in-depth understanding of the topic.  For the article you plan to present, prepare a narrated slide show.  Bring the slides show to the class.  Your presentation will be judged successful to the extent that you can solicit your colleagues' comments and input.  We will actually count how many people speak after your presentation.  The articles for presentations are the following:


  1. Effect of web design on sales
  2. Carroll, John M.. Human-Computer Interaction: Psychology as a Science of Design. Annual Review of Psychology. 48(1997):61-83, Annual 1997  Accession Number:  00000689-199700000-00003
  3. Communicating Trustworthiness in Web Design
  4. A classification of marketing strategies pursued on the Internet
  5. Effect of web design on sales, see also review
  6. Ease of use through cluster analysis
  7. Criteria for optimal web design

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