Statistical Process Improvement
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Case Study

This week focuses on a case study.  You are asked to examine data for a hospital of your choosing and examine their performance on more than 7 quality predictors. You are asked to compare their performance to their peer group. You would be using real data, to examine real changes at your local hospital.  This project will give you more practice with creating control charts. I would like to think that this project will give you an idea on how to show off your analytical skills when you have a job interview at your local hospital.  


  • Learn how to analyze performance of an organization on multiple indicators
  • Decide on selection of the right control chart for your data
  • Create control charts for a variety of different types of data
  • Compare performance of an organization to its competitors


In this project you compare the performance of an organization on multiple indicators with its competitors.  Select a hospital that you are familiar with (could be a place you work or are applying to).  Identify the hospital's direct competitors.  Download from the hospital compare web site the data for the hospital and its competitors on a set of quality indicators.  Select 5, or more, quality measures/indicators, in a way that makes sense.  It should create a cohesive picture of the hospital's performance for a patient with a specific illness.  Be thoughtful about the information a patient with a specific illness may need to have before he/she decides on the hospital to go to.  Make sure that the measure has more than 7 quarters reporting the measure.  Use statistical process control tools to plot the data.  Derive the control limits from the hospital competitors' data.  Contrast the performance of the hospital to the control limits derived from its competitors. 

Prepare a presentation that includes the following slides:

  1. Title slide  (includes hospital name, your name, date of analysis, and reference to the course). 
  2. Source of data
  3. Limitations of data (use a separate slide for each limitation)
  4. List of hospital competitors
  5. Control chart for indicator 1  (interpretation should be recorded)
  6. Control chart for indicator 2  (interpretation should be recorded)
  7. Control chart for indicator 3  (interpretation should be recorded)
  8. Control chart for indicator 4  (interpretation should be recorded)
  9. Control chart for indicator 5  (interpretation should be recorded)
  10. Summary of Findings

Make sure that no slide shows more than 9 words. Narrate the slides. Make sure that the slide title and the chart are the only elements on the chart slides.  Make the chart as large as possible.  Circle points that our outside the control limits.  Upload your work to the web.  Share the URL of your uploaded narrated slides with  instructor and other students through Blackboard.  Do not send the slides or the narration.  Send only the URL.  Here are some videos and sites that can be helpful in carrying out this case study.

  1. Hospital compare data. Data► Dictionary► How to Download►
  2. List of quality measures/indicators. List►
  3. Which chart is right?  YouTube►
  4. Example work by one student.  Woods' Slides►
  5. Prototype slides for reporting your case study

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