HAP 735: 

Risk Analysis in Healthcare


Here you will find the syllabus, lectures and assignments for the graduate course HSCI 525 on Risk Analysis in Healthcare. These lectures start from introduction to concept of probability and take you all the way to probabilistic risk analysis. Along the way we cover concepts such as subjective probability assessment, conditional likelihood ratios, causal modeling, Bayesian networks and assessment of probabilities through time to the event. The goal is to provide you with tools you can use at work. The topics are covered without mathematical proofs but with logical reasoning to support the use of the tools. We want you to both understand the logic of probability tools and to be proficient in applying these tools to predict rare sentinel events such as wrong side surgery, security violations or terrorism risks.



Course Syllabus
What is probability?
Discrete distributions
Combination of causes
Probability of rare events
Conditional independence
Modeling risk 
Causal modeling
Security risk analysis
Field project
Analytical relapse prevention


Organized on October 6th 2006 by Farrokh Alemi, Ph.D.  Offered by Department of Health Administration and
as part of a series of Open Environment courses.  See course evaluations.