Open Online Courses


Tour of Open Online Courses

The above are partial list of open online courses prepared by Farrokh Alemi, PhD.  This content is provided free of charge.  Faculty, at various universities, are encouraged to use portion of these courses (with or without a link back to the course) in preparing course material for their own students.  For details of each course, the syllabus of the course and the lectures within the course, click on related link and examine "About the course" page.  The open courses include the following:

  1. HAP 725 Statistical Process Control
  2. Decision Analysis
  3. Healthcare Databases
  4. HAP 360 Health Information Systems
  5. Project Management
  6. Risk Analysis
  7. Health Data Integration
  8. Online Marketing of Health Services
  9. HAP 290 Lifestyle Management
  10. HAP 823 Comparative Effectiveness
  11. Statistics for Healthcare Managers
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